INFO: eWallet GO! Supported File Storage Services


eWallet GO! currently allows you to back up your data to either Dropbox or Google Docs. These two services are provided by third parties and are not related to or controlled by Ilium Software.

When eWallet GO! uploads data to these services, the file is encrypted using eWallet GO!'s strong 256-bit AES encryption. This is security in addition to the security provided by both Google Docs and Dropbox.

To use these services, you need to register for a free account.

For information about signing up for a free Google Docs account, please visit this Google Docs page.

For information about signing up for a free Dropbox account, please visit

Note: It appears that in the May/June 2015 timeframe, Google made some incompatible changes that will prevent you from using Google Docs (or Google Drive) with the old eWallet GO! product.