HOWTO: Flattening Lists


If you sort a list with indented items, the child items will always remain with their parent. Here is an example:

EXAMPLE: Bob is working with a list of players on his local softball team. He has entered the players under the team they play for, like this:

  1. The Diodes
    1. Fred
    2. Ginger
    3. Roger
  2. The Atoms
    1. Bob
    2. Martha
    3. Joe 

 If Bob sorts his list by name, it will look like this: 

  1. The Atoms
    1. Bob
    2. Joe 
    3. Martha
  2. The Diodes
    1. Fred
    2. Ginger
    3. Roger

If, however, Bob wants to see all the players in alphabetical order, regardless of what team they are on, he needs to Flatten his list. Flattening a list temporarily ignores indentation (without removing it). To Flatten a list, open a list with indentation, then touch the List button at the bottom of the screen and then touch Flatten.

EXAMPLE: Bob Flattens his list, then sorts by name. Now his list looks like this:


  1. Bob
  2. Fred
  3. Ginger
  4. Joe 
  5. Martha
  6. Roger
  7. The Atoms
  8. The Diodes 


 When you're done working with a Flattened list, just touch the Unflatten button next to the Flatten button to return it to its normal state.