INFO: Internet Explorer 8 launches very slowly when I click on a URL in eWallet


*** Fixed in eWallet version 7 ***

Internet Explorer 8 for Windows Vista and Windows 7 has a change in it that causes the browser to open after a 30 second delay when eWallet's AutoPass feature is enabled.

Our developers are investigating the best fix for this in an upcoming update to eWallet.

You can work around it by configuring eWallet to always run as administrator:

  1. Open a Windows Explorer window
  2. Open C:\\Program Files\\Ilium Software\\eWallet\\
  3. Right-click on eWallet.exe
  4. Pick Properties
  5. Pick Compatibility
  6. Check "Run As Administrator"
  7. Click OK

Once you have done this, Windows will present you with an authorization (User Account Control elevation) prompt whenever you launch eWallet. Unfortunately, Windows Vista and Windows 7 do not offer a way to run eWallet without the elevation prompt but still launch it with administrator privileges. 

NOTE: You may need to re-enter your registration name and key the first time you run eWallet after making the above settings change.