FAQ: How do I shut down, quit, or exit a program?


It depends on the operating system and in a few cases the program. Below are the methods of shutting down programs as well as any special cases.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Just clicking OK or X in the upper right does not shut down a program on a Pocket PC. You need to do one of two things:

  • Go to Start->Settings->System->Memory->Running Programs, click on the program, and click the Stop button.
  • Go to the primary view for the software (list view in eWallet and ListPro), bring up the on-screen keyboard, and tap CTRL then Q.

Windows Mobile Smartphone

On a Smartphone just going to a different program than the one you had open doesn't close it. It remains running in the background. Microsoft "manages memory" for you and determines when programs should be closed. You can still force a program to close though.

  • Go to the primary view for the software (list view in eWallet and ListPro), click Menu->About <program name>, then hit the 7 key.

Palm OS

Anytime a program isn't running in the forefront on a Palm it is shut down. Just switching to the home menu or any other program shuts down the software.

Windows PC

Just exit the program.

Dockware and Dockware Pro

Anytime this program isn't on the screen it isn't running. It only runs when actively displaying on the screen.


Users may notice the ListProAlarms.exe running even if the program isn't. This is normal.


Portions of NewsBreak may remain running even if the program is not. This is normal.