FAQ: Will ListPro work on my Palm OS device?


Beginning with version 5.1, ListPro does not support Palm OS.

If you already own ListPro 5.0 for Palm OS and need to redownload, or would like to buy the older version of ListPro for Palm OS at a discount, you'll find the links you need below.

Please Note: ListPro 5.0 for Palm OS is not the current version, and the files on this page will not be upgraded in any future releases of ListPro.

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Want to try ListPro 5.0 on your Palm OS device? Already own ListPro 5.0 and need to redownload? Try ListPro 5.0 for Palm OS free (This includes ListPro 5.0 for Windows)

Important Sync Info: ListPro 5.0 for Palm OS will not sync with any other version of ListPro except for ListPro 5.0 on the desktop (you will download both parts on this page).

If you use this special version of ListPro 5.0, you will also not be able to sync with any devices running other versions of ListPro.

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Remember: this is not the current version and will no longer be upgraded. Buy ListPro 5.0 for Palm OS