ERROR: No Bitmaps Found


DockWare may display the error message "No Bitmaps Found" if there are no picture files to display, or if the pictures are in are unsupported picture formats.

Valid Picture Formats:

  • Only JPG, JPEG, and BMP images will work for Pocket PC and Smartphone
  • Progressive scan JPG/JPEG images will sometimes not work properly on any devices.
  • Only JPG/JPEG or PRC images will work for Palm OS

Image Locations for DockWare Free (version bundled with HP iPAQ Pocket PCs):

  • Images must be in the \My Device\My Documents\My Pictures folder
  • Pictures in sub-folders of the My Pictures folder will not be found

Image Locations for DockWare Free:

  • Pocket PC: only images in \My Device\Programs\Dockware will be found
  • Smartphone: Only images in \My Device\Programs\DockWare will be found (Programs may be in \Storage\ or \IPSM\.)
  • Palm OS: Only PRC images from the Ilium Software website will work - you can find compatible images at this link.

Image Locations for DockWare Pro:

  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone: DockWare Pro can be configured to display images from the DockWare program folder (see DockWare Free above), any other folder, or from the entire inserted storage card.
  • Windows Mobile: DockWare Pro will find images in any folder on the storage card.
  • Palm OS: PRC images or images converted to PRC with the Dockware Picture Loader will work but they must be stored in main memory
  • Palm OS: JPG/JPEG images will work if stored in the storage card and the program is set to search the card.