INFO: Portal Lists and Custom Lists

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ListPro features two types of lists: Portal Lists and Custom Lists.

Portal Lists

ListPro offers Portals for the most commonly created list types, such as Shopping lists, To-Do lists, and simple Checklists. These portals let you quickly create a list of this type without worrying about templates, columns, or the many other customization options available for custom lists. In addition, List Portals offer a feature set specifically geared for using the type of list the Portal specializes in.

If you decide that you want to customize an existing portal list, the easiest solution is to start a new list in a Custom List file that has the features you need. If you really want to keep the data in an existing Portal List, however,  you would need to perform the following steps:

  1. Synchronize your lists with the Windows PC version of ListPro.
  2. Open the Portal.
  3. Right  click on the list in the tree view and select Export to ListPro file.
  4. Navigate to one of your custom ListPro files and select it. (The easiest file to use is the My Lists.clf file - typically you’ll find it in the Synchronized Lists folder you see when you select the Export option.)

Custom Lists

Custom lists have access to the entire suite of ListPro features. With custom lists you can add, remove, and hide columns, add calculations, and much more. Creating Custom Lists is a bit more complex than creating Portal Lists, but you can really create the list you want with custom lists.

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