INFO: Latest ListPro Upgrades and Version Numbers

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ListPro 5.2 is available for the iPhone as well as an upgrade to ListPro for Windows PC. Read on for information about upgrading ListPro for Windows PC.

Have an iPhone or iPod touch? Read all about ListPro for iPhone here.

Free Upgrades

If you already purchased ListPro 5.0 for Windows you can upgrade to ListPro 5.1 at no additional cost. Just download a trial and use the same registration codes you received for unlocking ListPro 5.0 for Windows.

If you have lost your registration codes, please contact us.

Upgrade Discounts

If you purchased an older version of ListPro for Windows, you please contact us for discount upgrade information.

Add ListPro for iPhone or iPod touch You can get ListPro for your iPhone in Apple’s App Store.

To share information you need the same major version of ListPro on each device. Make sure to install the latest version on all of your devices.

These prices are available only to registered ListPro purchasers.

Template Information

The ListPro installation will not overwrite your existing template file. This ensures that any custom templates you have created are retained. If you would like the new templates you can download a copy from the list exchange.

Currently manufactured platforms

The following table lists the most current versions for each platform ListPro® is available for:

Platform Current Version and Build

Archived platforms

These devices are no longer manufactured but the information is here in case you need it:

Platform Current Version and Build
Palm OS
Windows Mobile

Beginning with ListPro 5.1 for Windows, we no longer support Palm OS.

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  • Windows