HOWTO: Where can I re-download the ListPro templates?

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If for some reason ListPro did not install its templates on your Windows PC or Windows Mobile device, or you’d like to replace yours with the original set, please get them here.

Just download the file from the link above, and put it in any folder on your Windows PC, and tell ListPro where it is using the Choose Templates File pick on ListPro’s Tools menu.

You can also move the file to My Documents or \\My Documents\\Templates on your Pocket PC, in which case it will synchronize to your Windows PC using ActiveSync’s File Synchronization. If you do this, use Choose Templates on the desktop again to point to the templates file in your Pocket PC’s Synchronized Files folder.

To reset the templates on your iPhone or iPod touch, use the instructions above to update the templates file on your Windows PC, and then synchronize with your mobile device. The templates will automatically be synchronized to the iPhone or iPod touch, updating the templates there as well.

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