INFO: Using Item View on Windows PC

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The Item View window opens when you choose Add Items to List from the Items menu (or use the Add Items button on the tool bar). You can also open the Item View window by double-clicking an item, or by selecting an item and picking Properties from the edit menu (or using the Properties button on the tool bar).

The Item View window displays a list of all the columns that are currently showing in your list so you can enter new information for each column. In addition, an area for entering Notes is always present at the bottom.

For most column types, simply click in a field or tab to it and enter the new information.

Category columns also provide a drop-down list so you can choose from the existing Category Values if you like. Categories are not case-sensitive when using them to sort or filter: Hardware is the same as HARDWARE or hardware.

Each Checkbox, Flag and Yes/No column can be updated by clicking on its icon to toggle its state. You can also tab to these fields and press the space bar to toggle the state.

Each Three State column can be updated by clicking on its icon to cycle through its three states. You can also tab to the field and press the space bar to change the state.

Date columns provide a Date Picker control to allow setting their values. The checkbox at the left end can be left unchecked to indicate no date/time should be displayed. For Date Only and Date and Time columns, the button at the right end will display a Month View window that allows you to pick a date rather than typing one in. For Time Only columns, the Up/Down control at the right end allows you to adjust the time up or down by clicking rather than typing in a new time.

Linked columns also provide a button that will display a window to allow you to choose a file to link to. To enter a URL rather than a file name simply type in the URL or paste it into the field from the clipboard. All URLs must begin with the proper prefix (http://, ftp:// or file://) in order to be recognized as a URL rather than a file name.

Please note that if a date or number column is configured to display a calculated value then the current value will be displayed but you will not be able to enter in a value. This is because the result of the calculation is always displayed. As you update other columns the calculated columns will be updated to reflect the calculated value. Similarly, Date columns set to the AutoDate/Time form cannot be updated directly, but will automatically update to the current time when any other column is changed.

Remember that the Item View window only displays the columns you have configured to show in your list. If you want to enter data into different columns, go to the Columns Tab of the List Properties window to change which columns are showing.

The Item View window also allows you to change an item’s highlight color and indent level:

  • Highlight determines the color that will be displayed as the background color in the List Items pane. Click on the Highlight control to drop down a list of highlighting colors and choose the one you want.

  • Indent Level determines whether the item should be indented and how much. An Indent Level of zero means the item is not indented. Note that indenting an item gives it a parent/child relationship to the item above it. To change the item’s indent level you can either type in a new indent level value or use the < and > buttons to decrease and increase the indent level. Please note that when you change the indent level of an item its child items will be adjusted by the same Amount.

When you’re done entering a new item’s information you can click OK to save the item and exit the Item View window. If you click New Item instead, the item will be saved but the Item View window will remain open and all fields will be cleared; this lets you enter another new item. The Next and Previous buttons can be used to move to the next or previous item in the list (as it is currently displayed). Any new information or changes you make will automatically be saved when you push OK, New Item, Next or Previous. If you have entered changes that have not been saved when you press the Close button, Item View will ask if you want to save the changes.

Note that Item View only shows items that are not filtered.

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