HOWTO: Synchronizing ListPro for iPhone with your Windows PC

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If you purchased and installed the latest version of ListPro for Windows, or if you’ve installed the software for a free 30-day trial, you can synchronize your ListPro files with your Windows PC via a local Wi-Fi network.

  1. At the Home view, touch the Sync button. (Please note that your computer and device must both be connected to the same network to synchronize.)

  2. Touch the Synchronize button.

  3. Touch the name of the computer you want to synchronize your lists to. (The Windows PC may prompt you to confirm that you want to synchronize the lists with that computer.)

  4. Touch the Done button.

YOU DID IT! You just synchronized your lists!

Helpful Sync Tips

  • Please keep in mind that in order to synchronize your lists with your Windows PC, you must have access to a network with Wi-Fi that your iPhone can connect to. Your Windows PC must be connected to the same network (although not necessarily via Wi-Fi).
  • Portal lists are automatically set to synchronize, but for other custom list files on your Windows PC, you may need to open the file and select “Enable sync for this file” from the Synchronize menu before it will synchronize with your iPhone.
  • ListPro synchronizes the data in both directions, regardless of which device initiates the sync.
  • ListPro items are compared field by field, each field compared with the value at the end of the last sync.  Whichever changed is used.  If both changed, the value of the field on the iPhone is used.

If you were previously synchronizing with a Windows Mobile device, do this first:

  1. Open ListPro
  2. Click Synchronize -> Synchronized Files
  3. Click Windows Mobile
  4. Click on the list file(s) that you want to stop syncing, then click Remove. This will not erase your file - it will simply move it to the regular My Documents folder on your computer.
  5. Close the Synchronized Files window
  6. Click Synchronize -> Enable Sync, then choose iPhone 

If you can’t sync:

If you press the Synchronize button on your iPhone and do not see your computer’s network name, Apple’s Bonjour service may not be functioning on your network. Keep the sync screen displayed on your iPhone, then open ListPro on your Windows PC and choose Synchronize -> Synchronize Now. ListPro may ask for your device’s IP address, which you will see at the bottom of every black sync screen in ListPro on the device itself.

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