INFO: Synchronized Lists Folder

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On the iPhone, ListPro handles where files are stored. You can’t move them to different locations on the device.

On the Windows PC, ListPro stores all of the list files (.clf files on your desktop computer) that are synchronizing in one place -the Synchronized Lists folder on your Windows PC. If lists are not stored here (AND marked to Enable sync for this file - see the Synchronization instructions for Windows PC for more information on that) the lists won’t synchronize with your iPhone.

When you enable a file to synchronize with your iPhone, ListPro will automatically move the files to this folder for you. 

\Users\<your_user>\Documents\ListPro\Synchronized ListFiles

The Synchronizes Lists folder is located under ListPro in the Documents folder of your Windows PC. We really don’t recommend moving lists out of this location manually, but if for some reason you need to get to your synchronized lists, you can find them here.

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