HOWTO: Sorting Lists

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ListPro lets you sort the contents of your lists, making it easier to find items that you are looking for. To sort the items in a list, just open the list and touch the Sort button in the Control Bar at the bottom of the screen. This will bring up the Sort group. Touch the button for of the columns and ListPro will sort the list by that column. Touch the button again and ListPro reverses the sort order.


ListPro also lets you sort your lists on multiple columns at once. Maybe you want to sort your list of baseball players first by team and then by hits: multi-sort is perfect for this. In the Sort group, just touch the multi-sort button to access the multi-sort controls.

Ordered Lists VS Unordered Lists

Ordered lists are lists that always remember their original order.

Unordered lists are lists that don’t have a set order.

When you sort an ordered list, the sort is temporary. You can touch the Remove Sort button in the Sort group of the Control Bar to revert the list to its original order. Alternatively, you can touch the New Order button to make the current sorted order the new permanent order for the list.

 When you sort an unordered list, the change is permanent. You cannot automatically revert an unordered list to its previous order after you sort it.

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