HOWTO: My alarms won't come up in ListPro

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Please note that alarms are only supported on Windows PC and Windows Mobile at this time. If you are using one of these devices, confirm that you have the alarms setup properly. Here are the things you should check:

  1. Open a ListPro file so that it shows the name of your file in the upper left corner and a list of your lists underneath that.
  2. Tap Tools->Preferences
  3. Make sure that “Enable alarms for this file on this device” is checked
  4. Click OK and now open the list that contains the item for which you would like alarms
  5. Tap Edit->List Properties
  6. Tap the Alarms tab and make sure that the “Enable alarms for this list” is checked. For best results we also suggest unchecking “Alarms on unchecked items only”. ONLY check “Time of day to display alarms” if your date column in your list does not display a time. In this case, any items due on that date will provide an alarm at the time provided on this screen.
  7. Tap the Columns tab here in List Properties and make sure that the Date column you are using to tell ListPro when to activate alarms has “Date*” to the right of it. This is the predefined date column and ONLY the predefined date column can activate alarms. Also, if your column only shows the date but you want it to show date and time, you can tap on the word Date here and then tap modify to change the column properties.

Once you’ve checked these things contact us if you are still having trouble getting your alarms to come up.

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