HOWTO: List Templates

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When you make a new custom list in ListPro, you get to select a template for the list. ListPro lets you create your own list templates. You can also edit the existing templates to customize them as well.

Creating Templates

Creating templates follows the exact same procedure as making new lists. In fact, list templates are really just blank lists. To get to the templates, start at the Home view and touch the Edit Templates button. From here you can create new templates. Here are the steps for creating a new template.

  1.  Start at the Home view.
  2.  Touch Custom Lists.
  3.  Touch the Templates button.
  4.  Touch the plus button.
  5.  Touch the Add List button.
  6.  Touch the template you want to use as the basis for this template.
  7.  Touch the Customize button.
  8.  Edit the list to have the columns and features you want your template to have.
  9.  Touch the Save button.
  10.  Name your template.
  11.  Touch the Create List button. 

 Once you’ve saved the Template, the next time you go to create a new Custom List, you’ll be offered the template you created as one of the template choices for your new list.

Pre-Populated Templates

If you’re always creating the same sort of list with the same items in it (for example, a nightly “closing the office” checklist) you can pre-populate a template with data. In the Templates area, just add items to the template like you would for a normal list. After that, whenever you create a new custom list with that template, the new list will come pre-populated with the items you entered in the Template area.

Synchronizing Templates

If you purchased ListPro for Windows PC, and you synchronize your lists with that your Windows PC, your Templates are automatically synchronized to your desktop computer. Templates you create on the desktop are synchronized  to the iPhone and templates on the iPhone are synchronized to the desktop.

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