INFO: List Templates on Windows PC

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When you create a new list, the New List Wizard allows you to choose the type of list from a set of Templates. Each template is configured with appropriate columns, category values, settings and fonts for a certain type of list. The Basic Checklist template contains just Checkbox and Item columns. The names of the other templates describe the type of list they can be used to create.

The list of templates is a hierarchical list, so if you see a “+” in front of a name in the list, it is really a folder of templates, and you can click on the “+” to open the folder and see the templates inside. Folders organize the templates into groups so you don’t have to scroll through a large list to find the template you want.

One of the best things about templates is that they are just ListPro lists, so you can add new ones and change the existing ones if you want. To edit the templates, just use Edit Templates on the Tools menu. Each folder in the Templates file shows up as a folder in the templates list, so you can rearrange the lists and folders in the Templates file to change how the templates appear when you create a new list.

Here are some things you can change about the templates to personalize your list-making:

  • If you prefer a different list font from the default used by ListPro, set the default list font in all the templates to your favorite font.

  • If you always want your new lists to start with a certain set of columns, change one of the lists (or add a new list) to have those columns.

  • You can edit the Category Values list for a category column so the lists will always start out with those category values in the drop down list.

  • You can fill the template with an initial set of items and these items will always be present in the new lists when they are created. If you constantly have to go through the same checklist but want to keep your old checklists rather than resetting them, this would allow you to do that easily.

  • You can set up an initial sort order so items will show up in that order.

  • You can order the lists in the Templates file and put them in folders.

If you have a Pocket PC, ListPro templates are stored in the file Templates.clf in your synchronized files folder, in My Documents\\Templates. Note that this is a change from previous versions of ListPro; the templates used to be stored in the product’s installation folder. Since the templates file is in your synchronized files folder, it will be synchronized between your Pocket PC and Windows PC. If you don’t want to have templates synchronized, you can move the templates file somewhere else, outside the synchronized files folder. If your templates file is not already in the synchronized files folder and you’d like to have it synchronized with your Pocket PC, you can move it into the Templates folder of your synchronized files folder. Any time you move the templates file, you must tell ListPro where it is by using the Choose Templates File menu item on the Tools menu.

If you invent any particularly useful templates, we encourage you to send them to the ListPro List Exchange on our website so we can share them with other ListPro users.

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