INFO: Keyboard Shortcuts on Windows PC

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Many of ListPro’s functions are accessible from the keyboard. In addition to the regular menu accelerators, the following keyboard usage is recognized:

Use the tab key to move between the List Hierarchy pane, the List Items pane and the Notes pane (if it is showing).

You can use the space bar (or F2) to start direct editing on the currently selected item. 

If you’re doing direct editing, you can use the tab key to tab from one field to the next. If you use the tab key when you’re direct editing the last column of the last item in the list, a new blank item is added and its first column is opened for direct editing.

When you are finished direct editing, you can press Enter to get out of direct edit mode.

You can use the up and down arrow keys to move the current selection up or down in the list. 

  • If the control key is down when an arrow key is used, the focus item will move up or down, but the selection will not change. You can then use the space bar to select or deselect subsequent focus items. 
  • If the shift key is down when an arrow key is used, the item the focus is moved to will be selected in addition to the currently selected items.

The Page Up, Page Down, Home and End keys also function as usual for a list.

You can use the left or right arrow keys to select an individual column of the current focus item in the list. The focus rectangle will change to surround only the focus column rather than the entire item. If you press the space bar when an individual column has the focus, that column will be opened for direct editing, unless it is a check or flag column. If it is a check or flag column, the column will be toggled.

If the current focus item has indented items under it, you can use the plus (+) and minus (-) keys to expand or collapse the item’s indented sub-items.  Or, you can use Alt+V and then X to expand all items and Alt+V and then O to collapse all items.

Use the Enter key (as well as Alt-Enter) to open the Item View window for the current focus item.

Use the X key to toggle the Flag column of the focus item.

Use the C key to toggle the Checkbox column of the focus item.

Within String fields (but not note fields), you can use:

  • Ctrl+Delete to delete the next word
  • Ctrl+Backspace to delete the previous word
  • Ctrl+;  to enter a timestamp that contains the current date and time

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