HOWTO: Indenting and Unindenting (aka Parent and Child Items)

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ListPro let’s you indent items in your list. This lets you create a primary item (called the Parent Item), with secondary items (called the Child Items) indented underneath it in an outline format. Indenting is a great way to organize a list.

EXAMPLE: Bob wants to create a list to track the members of his softball league’s players. Bob creates an item in his list for each team, and then creates an item for each team member indented beneath the proper team.

The Atoms

  1. Bob
  2. Martha
  3. Joe

The Diodes

  1. Fred
  2. Ginger
  3. Roger

Another nice feature of indented items is that you can expand or collapse the parent item. Collapsing the parent item hides all of the children beneath it.

How to Indent 

Follow these instructions to indent items beneath other items to make them “children” of the item above them.

  1.  Open a list with at least two items in it.
  2.  Touch an item that is beneath another item.
  3.  Touch the Items button in the control bar.
  4.  Touch the right arrow in the Items group of the control bar.

To un-indent the items, simply reverse the process.

How to Expand and Collapse

 Follow these instructions to expand or collapse a column with items indented beneath it:

  1.  Open a list with indented items in it.
  2.  If there is a minus sign to the left of the parent item, tap it to collapse the branch.
  3.  If there is a plus sign to the left of the parent item, tap it to expand the branch.

You can also use the Expand All and Collapse All functions. These are located in the List Group of the Control Bar at the bottom of the screen when you are viewing a list.

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