HOWTO: How do I use the templates?

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Ilium Software has partnered with to make it easy for you to have complete, detailed catalogs of your music, movies, books and other collections. Tools in programs, and templates in ListPro, make it simple to import info into ListPro, where it can be read right on your mobile device.

To get started, first download and install ListPro on your Windows PC if you don’t already have it. Then do these steps to import your Collectorz data:

  1. In your software, choose File -> Export To -> Palm or Pocket PC (ListPro) -> All Items
  2. Choose the location and name for the export file
  3. Start ListPro
  4. Open a custom list file.
  5. Choose File -> New List
  6. Choose next, then choose the template that matches the software you exported your data from and click Next
  7. At the Column Selections screen, click Next
  8. Enter a name for your list, and click Finish
  9. Choose Tools -> Import Items From File
  10. At the Columns to Import screen, click OK
  11. At the Choose Import File screen, change “Files of Type” to “Comma Separated Values” and then open the CSV file you exported from your software
  12. You should now see your data in ListPro, and you can now synchronize with your mobile device

If you have accidentally deleted the Collectorz templates from ListPro:

  1. Download this file to your PC:
  2. Open ListPro on your PC
  3. Choose File -> Open and choose the Templates.clf file that is in My Documents
  4. Choose Tools -> Import Lists
  5. Choose the Collectorz.clf file you downloaded, then place checkmarks next to the names of your software and finish the import wizard
  6. Now follow the instructions above to import your Collectorz data into ListPro
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