HOWTO: Creating Lists on iPhone

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You can create two types of lists in ListPro: Portal lists and Custom lists.

Portal Lists

Portal lists are created in one of ListPro’s Portals. Portals are a way to quickly and easily create a particular type of list. The template and features are predefined to support a specific type of list. The available Portals include: To Do, Shopping, and Checklists.

To create a new Portal list, navigate to the Portal by tapping on it’s icon at the Home screen, and then tap the + button in the upper right corner. Select a name, tap Save, and you’re ready to start entering items into your list.

Custom Lists

Custom Lists leverage the full power of ListPro and do not limit which templates or features are available. They require a little more work to setup, but in exchange you get much more flexibility.

To create a  new Custom List, navigate to the Custom List files by tapping on the Custom Lists icon at the Home screen. Next, select the file that you want to create the list in. Each file can hold large numbers of lists, offering a method of better organizing the lists you’ve created. If you’re unsure about which file to pick, or if you don’t want to create a new file, just tap the preinstalled My Lists file.

Next, tap the + button in the upper right corner, then select Add List from the Action Sheet that comes up. After this, you can select the template that you want to use to create your list. The Template determines what columns are automatically included in the list (although you can always edit these later.) If you don’t like the Template you selected, just click Back to return to the list of Templates.

Once you are happy with the Template you’ve selected, you can either click Create List to name your list and complete the process, or click Customize to further customize your list.

Clicking Customize allows you to:

  • Change the order of the columns.
  • Select which columns appear in Portrait View and where they display.
  • Add or remove columns.
  • Change the name or type of columns.
  • Hide showing columns or display hidden columns.

Once you’ve finished your customizations, click Save, name your list, and you’re ready to start entering items.

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