HOWTO: Changing Fonts on Windows PC

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You can change the font ListPro uses for your lists. Choose Properties from the edit menu and then select the Format tab to change font formatting. Press Change next to the font description to open the Font dialog.

For each list, you can select a default list font. For each column, you can choose to use the default list font or select a custom font. When you change the default list font, all columns that do not have a custom font selected will display the new default list font. In addition, the column header names and the Notes Pane will be displayed using the default list font.

Set the default font for your list by selecting a specific font or to use the default font on your PC, check the Use default system font box.

To change the font for a particular column, select the Column tab and then select the column you wish to change and press Modify. Now press Change and select a specific font or check the Use default list font box.

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