INFO: Adding List Items on Windows PC

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You can add items to your list using the Item View Window, or you can insert them directly on your screen.

Item View Window

You’ll see the Item View window when you choose the Add Item to List menu item or button. The Item View window allows you to enter information for one or more new list items.

Inserting New Items Directly

You can insert a new item directly into the list by picking Insert New Item from the Items menu or by using the Insert New Item button. The first field in the list will be opened for direct editing, so you can immediately start typing the item information into the field. Use the tab key to go to the remaining fields in the item and fill in their data.

If you use the tab key while direct editing the last field of the last item in your list, another new item will be inserted following the item, and the first field will again be opened for direct editing. You can use the tab key to enter data for fields and insert new items continuously until you’ve entered all the new items you need.

Positioning List Items

Items will be added to your list following the currently selected item. If the list is an Ordered List with a temporary sort applied, items will still be added following the currently selected item, but they will be temporarily displayed according to the current sort order.

You can use Remove Sorting on the Ordered List submenu of the View menu to remove any temporary sorting. This will allow you to control the order of list items with the arrow tools, the Move Up and Move Down menu items or by dragging items to new positions. You can also control the indent level of each item with the arrow tools, the Move Left and Move Right menu items or by dragging items to the left or right.

If you’ve sorted an Ordered List and would like to make the sorted order permanent, you can pick Reorder List from the Ordered List submenu of the View menu. If you do this, you won’t be able to use Remove Sorting to return to the original order, but you can then use the arrow tools and drag and drop to rearrange the items. If you haven’t checked the Ordered List option in the Settings Tab of the List Properties window, the new sort order will be made permanent automatically whenever you sort. 

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