HOWTO: Adding Columns

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If you’ve created a Custom List and find that you need additional columns, you can always add more columns to the list.

Column Types

ListPro lets you choose from seven different types of columns: 

  • String
  • Category
  • Number
  • Yes/No
  • Date
  • 3 State
  • Linked 

Each type of column has a different purpose. If you aren’t sure which column type to select, choose string.

String (aka Text)

String columns hold basic text. When in doubt, use a string column! 


Category columns let you use a picker control to select from a list of pre-defined choices. If you are going to be entering the same text over and over in a column for multiple items, a category column is a great choice. An example of a place you might want a category column is in a shopping list for the “Department” column.

You can access and edit the available Category Values (that is, the choices that appear in the picker control) from the Category Values button in the List group of the Control Bar. 


Number columns limit input to numbers. With number columns you can have the column populated using calculations that incorporates the data from other number and date columns. With calculations, you can have a column pre-populate with the elapsed time of a job, profit on an eBay purchase/sale, or time since the last time you updated a password.


Yes/No columns give you a button you can toggle between Yes and No states. The simplest example is a checkbox. ListPro lets you choose from 10 different graphics for your Yes/No buttons. 

3 State

3 State columns are just like Yes/No columns except that you can also select a Maybe state. 


A date column lets you choose a date from a calendar. Date columns not only make it easier to enter dates, but you can also use date columns in calculations you set up in a number column.


Although linked columns are not live in ListPro 5.1 for iPhone, the functionality is available on the Windows PC. You can create linked columns that offer live links to URLs, phone numbers,  or email addresses. When this functionality is added to the iPhone version of ListPro, you’ll be able to use the links on your Phone as well.

  • Dial a phone number with “dial:”  (example: dial:18886325388)
  • Send an email with “mailto:” (example:
  • Link to a website with “https://” (example:
  • Link to an FTP site with “ftp://” (example:

 Adding a New Column 

  1. Open the custom list you want to add a column to
    (You can only add columns to custom lists, not portal lists)
  2. Touch the List button in the control bar
  3. Touch the Columns button in the Lists group of the control bar
  4. Touch Add Column
  5. Touch the type of column you would like to add
  6. Enter a name for the column
  7. Touch the Save button
  8. Touch a field in the layout area where you would like this column to appear in list view
  9. Select the column in the picker
  10. Touch Done
  11. Touch Save
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