Submitting a ListPro list to the List Exchange


Submitting a ListPro list to the List Exchange

To send us a list you’d like us to consider for the List Exchange, please contact us and let us know you are interested.

Due to the number of submissions, we can only add some of the lists we receive. Lists are selected on the basis of general interest and/or useful information. Please prepare your list using the “Item” column as the first column after initial checkboxes or flags. The column may be renamed but the Item column should be used to allow for proper indentation.

Please do not send lists of the following types:

  • Lists that are basically templates rather than having their value in their content (for example, your travel expenses, your shopping lists)
  • Lists that are duplications of those already on this page, or those which are included in the ListPro ‘Sample Lists’
  • We will accept lists that are significant improvements on an existing list, like adding an episode synopsis column to an episode guide
  • Lists containing under 100 items with no additional information. For example, a list containing the Top 25 Movies of the year would not be accepted, but a list containing the Top 25 Movies of year with plot summaries, lists of stars, etc. might be accepted
  • Discographies or bibliographies
  • Song lyrics, book text, or other copyrighted material

No purchase is necessary, as you can use a trial version of ListPro for Windows to build your list files, but all submissions must be in .clf form. All lists become the property of Ilium Software and cannot be returned.

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