INFO: ListPro Size Limits

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Notes: The Notes field is limited to around 32k of text.

Lists: The maximum number of lists in a file is 181. If you use a Palm: You can have more lists on a Palm but you can only sync 181 to the desktop and will receive an error if you try to sync more. If you have more than 181 lists, you will receive the error message “No available section numbers.”

Indent Levels: You can only indent 15 times.

List Size: An individual list can’t be more than 3MB.

File Size: A .CLF file can’t be more than 16MB

Item Size: Each item is limited to 64kb. Since each character requires two bytes (UNICODE wide characters), this limits all the fields in an item to less than 32k characters.

Characters Per List: The number of characters (very roughly) that a list can support is 1,572,864 – but varies depending on the number and type of fields in the list.

Maximum Columns per List: Approx. 32

Maximum Yes/No Columns: 16

Maximum Characters for a String/Category Field: 255 chars (or bytes, which is different in far east) for strings or categories.

Maximum Amount of Category Data (Palm-only): 32k, which is for the entire list. It is possible to put more data in the category values list on the desktop, and this will result in an error 1209 when syncing to a Palm.

Maximum Items: 32787 items/list on Windows, 16,000 items/list on Palm