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Windows Mobile Pocket PC Tips

  • On your Pocket PC, just Hold your Stylus on any list, item or filename. You’ll see a menu of actions you can do with that object.

  • On your Pocket PC, you can turn on the Selection Bar (Menu -> View -> Show Selection Bar) to easily select one or more list items for moving, indenting, deleting, etc. If you hold your stylus on the selection bar, you can select multiple, separate items, and you can drag on the selection bar to select multiple items that are together.

  • Edit your ListPro Templates file to make new templates or change the ones we’ve supplied, so that you can very easily create your favorite kinds of lists. The file is called Templates.clf on both your Windows PC and Pocket PC. On the Pocket PC, the file is in the My Documents/Templates folder; on your Windows PC it’s in the Templates subfolder of your Pocket PC synchronized files folder.

  • If you’re using ListPro on a Pocket PC you might find it easier to create your lists on your Windows PC, using that version of ListPro, and then synchronize your list files to your device. If you don’t have the desktop version, you can download a trial here.

  • If you’re doing much item editing in ListPro on a Pocket PC, you’ll probably find it easier to immediately call up the onscreen keyboard. Then the Item View window won’t change size when you need the keyboard, and scrolling in longer notes will work better.

  • If you’re using an external keyboard on a Pocket PC, you can use <alt>-A inside Item View to add your current item and give you a new one.

  • Check out our List Exchange for over 500 useful or interesting lists that you can download and use on your Windows PC and your device.

  • If you want to combine lists that are in more than one ListPro file on your Windows PC, just use the Import Lists pick on ListPro’s Tools menu.

  • If you have a very large list that’s very slow, you might want to turn off the display of the Amount column. Since ListPro recalculates amounts any time you change something, a lot of items with amounts will make the list very slow. If you’re not using the amount column’s special features, you might want to copy it’s info into another numeric column, or just turn it off.

  • Use ListPro’s Make Backup or Create Copy pick to easily make a backup of any ListPro file. It’s a good idea to do this regularly, especially if you’re using File Synchronization to synchronize with a mobile device. You never know when you might want to retrieve something you deleted accidentally.

  • You can get many more tips and useful information from the Help file for ListPro on your Pocket PC and (especially) Windows desktop or notebook PC

Windows Mobile Smartphone Tips

Making Lists

The easiest way to make lists for ListPro on your Smartphone is to use ListPro on your Windows PC or Pocket PC. If you have ListPro files on a Pocket PC, you can beam them to your phone using your IR ports on both devices.

Beam whole files using File Explorer on your Pocket PC, and Infrared Receive on your Smartphone. Beam individual lists and folders using Beam from the menu within ListPro.

If you have ListPro files on a Windows PC, you can move them to your phone using Microsoft ActiveSync/Explore. Please note that File Synchronization for Smartphones is not currently supported by ActiveSync, so you won’t be able to synchronize your files automatically. Move them by copying them from their folder on your Windows PC, then choosing Explore from ActiveSync. Then navigate to the one of the folders below, and paste your ListPro files there:

  • My Smartphone\IPSM\My Documents
  • My Smartphone\Storage\My Documents
  • My Smartphone\Storage Card (note that files should not be in My Documents if on the card)

Important Note: when moving a file to your Smartphone, be sure that ListPro does not have the file open on either side. On your Windows PC, just close ListPro. On your Smartphone, choose Show Files from the menu, so that no ListPro files are open. Starting another program does not close ListPro.

Current versions of ListPro on Windows PCs and Pocket PCs are fully compatible with the version of ListPro on the Smartphones.

List View Keypad Functions

Home Item Up Page Up
Unindent Item Item View Indent Item
End Item Down Page Down
Column Narrower Find Again Column Wider

Also, use the Up key to enable date/time fields in Item View.

Keypad Functions for any Smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard

  • Home: Alt 1
  • Item Up: Alt 2
  • Page Up: Alt 3
  • Unindent Item: Alt 4
  • Item View: Alt 5
  • Indent Item: Alt 6
  • End: Alt 7
  • Item Down: Alt 8
  • Page Down: Alt 9
  • Find Again: Alt 0 (zero)
  • Column Narrower: Alt * (asterisk)
  • Column Wider: Alt # (pound key)

The Alt key is also sometimes called the “FN” key, or is a key that is one solid color.

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