INFO: File Synchronization Help for Windows Mobile

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Ilium Software ListPro uses File Synchronization, a service included in and provided by Microsoft ActiveSync (and Vista’s Windows Mobile Device Center), to keep the information used by those programs synchronized between your desktop and your handheld.

Set up File Synchronization by picking Synchronization from the File Menu in the desktop version of ListPro, Ilium Software’s synchronization wizard will step you though setting up your files to synchronize.

If your information is not synchronizing after you’ve done that, please read the following troubleshooting tips.

Please note that File Synchronization is part of ActiveSync. It is not provided by Ilium Software. We are providing this documentation as a service to our customers, and not intending it to replace Microsoft’s documentation or support.

Please also note that File Synchronization is not available for Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphones (no touch screen) or older. You can copy/paste ListPro files between your Windows PC and your older Smartphone using ActiveSync->Explore. Be sure to put the files in the My Smartphone\\IPSM\\My Documents folder on your Smartphone (on newer phones, it might be My Smartphone\\Storage\\My Documents).

Windows Mobile 6 Standard devices do support File Synchronization using ActiveSync 4.5 or Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 or higher**.**



If your ListPro data is not synchronizing

First make sure File Synchronization is turned on:

  1. Connect your PDA or smartphone to your PC.
  2. Open ActiveSync on the desktop PC, and go to Tools -> Options. (For Windows Vista, open Windows Mobile Device Center and go to Mobile Device Settings -> Change Content Sync Settings)
  3. Place a checkmark next to Files
  4. Click “OK” and allow synchronization to complete. (It may take some time if you weren’t syncing files previously.)

Next, make sure ListPro is closed on your desktop PC and on your PDA or Smartphone:

  • To close the program on a touch-screen Windows Mobile device (Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 6 Classic or Professional), press “Ctrl+Q” on the software keyboard or tap  OK until ListPro displays the All Folders screen.
  • To close the program on a Smartphone or Windows Mobile 6 Standard device, go to Menu -> ListPro Tips and press ‘7’ or ‘Q’. Or, go to Menu -> Show Files.

Finally, make sure you are opening your ListPro file on your desktop PC from the folder that synchronizes with your PDA. This will be \\My Documents\\ <device name> My Documents in Windows XP, or \\Documents\\Documents on <device name> in Windows Vista.

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