Sync eWallet for Android with Windows via Wi-Fi

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Synchronization with eWallet for Android via Wi-Fi requires:

  • an Android device, Android OS version 4.0.3 or newer (including Kindle Fire), or BlackBerry 10 device
  • a Wi-Fi network your PC and Android device can both connect to
  • latest versions of eWallet on Android AND Windows

If you have a license for eWallet for Windows (desktop) already, download the latest version here

(For local Wi-Fi syncing, your device must be DISCONNECTED from the USB cable!)

To set up sync the first time from Windows to your device:

  1. Connect your Android device and your PC to the same network via Wi-Fi.  If your PC is connected via Ethernet (hard-wired) to your wireless router or to a network with a wireless access point, you will also be able to sync in most cases.
  2. Start the eWallet app on the Android device (do not need to open a wallet file here).
  3. At any wallet screen on your device, tap “Sync” OR at your list of wallet files or inside of a wallet tap the sync arrows icon on the Menu bar.
  4. Choose Sync Setup and follow the instructions on the screen.

  1. Then open your wallet file in eWallet on your PC, choose Sync Manager from the toolbar. You must have a wallet file open on the PC to synchronize.

  2. Choose Device Sync, then click the Android button and follow the instructions. If you do not have Bonjour installed, you will receive a notification prompting if you would like to install Bonjour from Apple. Bonjour is NOT required for the Android device to sync over Wi-Fi, and you may choose “OK” to bypass the message and enter the IP address displayed on your device, or “Cancel” to cancel the Sync Setup.

  3. Click on your device listing and click “OK”.

    1. Enter the code showing on the Android device in large letters, and click “Submit”.
    2. eWallet will ask if you want to synchronize now. Click “Yes”.

To synchronize after setting up sync:

  1. Connect your Android device and your PC to the same network via Wi-Fi (PC can be hard-wired).
  2. Start eWallet on your Android device and press “Sync” or the sync arrows icon on the Menu bar.
  3. Then tap “Synchronize”.
  4. In eWallet on Windows, click the “Sync Now” button in the toolbar.

If you are having trouble syncing or setting up sync, please Contact Us, and be sure to include the complete text of any messages you are seeing in the Sync or Sync setup process.

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