HOWTO: How to synchronize eWallet for Windows to a folder, network drive, USB drive, FTP site, or another computer

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eWallet’s SyncPro synchronization can synchronize to any folder on your desktop computer, any attached storage device (such as a USB hard drive or flash drive), any standard Windows Networking shared folder, any mapped drive letter, and any FTP or SFTP server on the internet. Note that as of eWallet 8, you can also use the cloud to synchronize wallets to multiple Windows PCs.

To synchronize eWallet with any folder or networked PC:

   1. Open the desktop wallet you wish to sync    2. Click Sync Manager on the Home tab    3. Click “Add”  “Other Sync”  “Folder”    4. Type in the path to the location or click “Browse” to browse to any location on your computer or your local network:

    <drive letter>:\<folder name> (Example: C:\User\Jim\Documents)  or     \\<computer name>\<folder name>

   5. Choose “This wallet synchronizes with <location>”     6. Choose OK and close the Setup window    7. Synchronize eWallet

To synchronize eWallet with an FTP, SFTP, or other Remote Location:

   1. Open the desktop wallet you wish to sync    2. Click Sync Manager the Home tab    3. Click “Add”  “Other Sync”  “FTP”    4. Enter the Host location (use ftp:// or sftp://), username, and password    5. Click Test to be sure you can connect to this location    6. Click OK when complete    7. close the Setup window    8. Synchronize eWallet 

SFTP refers to the “secure file transfer protocol”, and is not the same as FTP-S, or FTP tunneled through SSH.

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