FAQ: Can I sync wallets between my iPad and my iPhone or iPod touch?

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Wi-Fi Sync:

You can sync wallets between your iPad and iPhone if you also sync both devices to a desktop computer using WiFi-sync. We have WiFi-sync instructions available here:

iPhone & iPad sync instructions for Windows PC

iPhone & iPad sync instructions for macOS

iCloud Sync:

eWallet 7.3+ for iOS devices incorporates iCloud-sync support for syncing your wallet data between your iOS devices over iCloud storage. You can learn how to set up iCloud-syncing on your iOS devices here:

iCloud sync instructions


eWallet 7.2+ for iOS devices also allows backup and restore via email:

  • To backup from the iPad, go to the wallet list and tap your wallet, then tap Backup.
  • To backup from the iPhone or iPod touch, open your wallet and tap the More ellipsis […] then tap the envelope icon.

Both methods will send your wallet as a file attachment to an email. The attachment is encrypted just like your wallet file is.

To restore the file on the other device, open the email message in the Mail app, then tap on the file attachment and choose “Open in eWallet”. This will copy the wallet into eWallet on the device. The wallet will be copied in as a separate file, so it will not overwrite a wallet of the same name. This is to prevent you from accidentally overwriting your wallet file with the wrong backup.

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