FAQ: Can I sync my iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with my Windows PC?

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There are two ways you can synchronize your eWallet information between your Windows PC and your iPhone / iPad / iPod touch: via your wireless network (Wi-Fi) or via the cloud.  eWallet for Windows (desktop) is a separate purchase if you don’t already own it.  Get all the information you need to purchase the latest version of eWallet for Windows.

Local Wi-Fi Sync

To set up local Wi-Fi sync with your iPhone, or iPad, first make sure you have a wallet on the PC with the same name and password as the one on your iPhone or iPad. If you have a wallet on the PC that is not on the device yet, the sync process will copy it over the first time you sync.    

  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to a wireless network that your PC can access. If your PC is connected via Ethernet (hard-wired) to your wireless router or to a network with a wireless access point, you will also be able to sync in most cases.
  2. Start eWallet on your iPhone or iPad and tap the synchronize button (arrows in a circle) at the bottom of the screen, and walk through the Sync Setup steps.
  3. Open your wallet file in eWallet on your PC, and click Sync Manager on the Home tab. You must have a wallet file open on the PC to synchronize.
  4. If this is your first sync setup, click Device Sync, then click the iPhone/iPad button and follow the instructions.  You may be asked to enter the IP address from your device - you will find it at the bottom of the black synchronize screen displayed on your device.  If setting up a new or additional sync location, first click “Add” and then choose Device Sync.

iPhone/iPad synchronization require a local Wi-Fi network your PC and device can both connect to. Unfortunately, Apple does not allow access to the USB connection or the iTunes sync process for non-Apple software.

If you cannot set up sync, try following these steps.

Cloud Sync

eWallet’s SyncPro engine on Windows PC has a cloud sync option. With cloud sync there is no need for a direct connection between devices to sync – and of course you can also use cloud sync as one method of creating backup files of your wallet and get it stored safely off-device and off-site.

For detailed instructions on configuring cloud sync, open eWallet’s built-in help documentation on the PC and select Synchronization → Cloud Sync.

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