I just can't sync with my iPhone or iPod touch. Is there anything I can do?

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If you have eWallet 7.x on your iPhone or iPod touch, you may be able to transfer your wallet even if eWallet’s SyncPro synchronization won’t work.  One option is to email a backup copy of your encrypted eWallet wallet (.WLT) file to yourself.  Instructions for emailing yourself a backup of your iOS wallet file can be found HERE.

Alternatively, you can transfer the wallet using File Transfer Mode in eWallet on your iPhone or iPod touch.

File Transfer Mode requires a WI-FI network, so if you aren’t connected to a WI-FI network or do not have a WI-FI adapter in your computer, you will not be able to transfer your wallet file. Apple does not allow use of the USB connection for any software except their own included programs, and eWallet cannot retrieve your wallet from a website on the internet.

Unlike the standard SyncPro process,  File Transfer Mode does not require that your PC and Apple device be on the same network subnet. However, your network does need to allow connections between the two. The File Transfer Mode data transfer uses TCP and UDP ports 49049 and 49050.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Start eWallet on your Apple Device.

  2. In eWallet on the Apple device, tap the synchronize icon (arrows in a circle) in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Touch and swipe downwards from “Welcome To SyncPro” to the bottom of the screen. You will see another screen appear that says, “File Transfer Mode”.

  4. On your PC, click Start and then “Computer” to launch Windows Explorer. You can also launch Windows Explorer from your Start -> Programs menu or from the Start search box in Windows Vista or Windows 7. Do not start Internet Explorer or any other web browser.

  5. Enter the address you see on your Apple device into the address bar in your Windows Explorer window and press Enter.

  6. When prompted, enter the username and password shown on your Apple device. The username and password will change each time you start File Transfer Mode, so do not choose the option to save them if you are asked.

  7. You will see a list of the .WLT files in eWallet on your Apple device. You can copy and paste, or drag and drop, any .WLT file to and from this window. You are limited to 2GB of space for .WLT files in eWallet on the Apple device, however most .WLT files are very small.

  8. When you are done transferring files, close Windows Explorer and tap “Cancel” at the File Transfer Mode screen on your Apple device.


You can also use any third-party FTP client on your PC to connect to eWallet’s File Transfer Mode.

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