FAQ: My iPhone is connected but it's not found when I try to sync.

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Your iPhone and PC/Mac must be connected to the same wireless network (PC/Mac can be cabled to the network).  Be sure to disconnect the USB cable while syncing eWallet.  Apple does not currently support 3rd party application synching through the USB cable.

For many users, following the steps in the following articles solves this problem.  For syncing with Windows, see article on syncing with Windows version.  For syncing with macOS, article on syncing with macOS version.

  • Subnets. One of the most common secondary problems is a network using multiple subnets. In simple terms, it’s like driving in the Express lane on a highway with a Local/Express split. You’re both going the same speed on the same road in the same direction but there is a wall between you. For example, if your PC connects to a wi-fi router and your iPhone connects wirelessly to the same router, they may be on two separate networks that are both connected to the internet. In this case, eWallet on your PC can’t ‘see’ eWallet on your iPhone.
  • Firewall or other network security software. Another common problem is that a Firewall is blocking the connection.  Instead of disabling your firewall, add Exceptions or Rules to Allow “Bonjour” and “eWallet” to pass through.  You may need to consult your specific software documentation or user guide to set the required Exceptions.
  • Wireless router security features. A somewhat rare problem is a wireless router configured to ‘isolate’ wireless devices or the entire wireless network. This will prevent wireless devices from communicating with each other even though they can all communicate to whatever the wireless router is connected to. You may need to consult your wireless router’s settings and documentation to see if it is ‘isolating’ devices on your network.

If you’re still having trouble, just contact us and we’re happy to help. If you did try turning off your Firewall, be sure to let us know when you contact us.

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