FAQ: How do I use the PassBuilder password generator in eWallet for Mac?

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With eWallet version 7.3 for Mac OS X we now support PassBuilder.  To use PassBuilder to generate a password on the Mac OS X version of eWallet:

  1.  Open eWallet to the card that you’d like to generate a password for.
  2.  Click the Edit Pencil to bring up the Properties Slider.
  3.  Select a field and then click the “Generate Password” button on the Properties Slider.
  4.  On the PassBuilder window that pops up, you can set the guidelines for password creation.
  5.  Click the “Generate Password” button to generate a password.  You can repeat this step until PassBuilder generates a password of your liking.
  6.  Once you have a password you like, click “Insert and Close” to insert the generated password into the field that you’ve selected and close the PassBuilder window.
  7.  Click “Done” on the Properties Slider to save the changes that you’ve made.
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