FAQ: Do I have to buy or re-purchase eWallet for my iPhone / iPad / iPod touch?

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If you own a Windows PC or Mac OS X Desktop version of eWallet already:

The iTunes App Store is the sole way to install applications on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. We cannot include the iPhone version with the desktop eWallet, so it has to be a separate purchase.

You can purchase a license to use eWallet for iOS through Apple’s iTunes App Store:

eWallet for iOS

If you have already purchased a license for eWallet for one iOS device through Apple’s iTunes App Store:

Apple’s iTunes Store keeps track of your iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) purchases and typically won’t charge you if you re-download the same software again using the EXACT same account that you originally used to purchase the app.  You will need to click the “Buy” link, but Apple’s iTunes should not charge you. (Please understand that we have no control over Apple’s online store policies.)

You do not need to purchase a separate version for an iPad unless you use a separate iTunes Store account with the iPad.   eWallet is optimized for the iPad and will make use of the large screen and iPad-specific additions to the iPhone operating system.

Note that Apple’s iOS App Store and Mac App Store are separate, and purchases on one do not include purchases in the other.  If you would like to view and edit your eWallet data on a Mac OS X computer, you can purchase the separate Mac OS X version of eWallet here:

eWallet for Mac OS X

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase the iOS version of eWallet at a discount. Apple doesn’t give us a way to provide a discounted price to existing users. As a result, we decided to choose a price that was comparable to the $10.00 add-on price that we’ve previously offered to existing customers who are purchasing for a new device.

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