FAQ: Can I use an ad-hoc network to synchronize eWallet to my iPhone?

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Yes. You can synchronize using a standard wireless network or an ad-hoc wireless network. Alternatively, you can also sync using the cloud.

An ad-hoc wireless network is a network broadcast from your computer using its wireless network adapter. This creates a network connection between your Apple device and your computer without using a wireless router or access point in between. This will often help you sync if your router or access point is blocking part of the sync process.

To set up an ad-hoc network on your Windows 7 computer:


Once you have created an ad-hoc network to sync your iPhone or iPod touch, you may need to disconnect any other internet connections. For example, if you have a wired network connection as well as the ad-hoc connection, disconnect the wired connection and try syncing eWallet again.

To set up your iPhone to connect to the network, just go to Settings -> Wi-Fi and choose the network you just created from the list that will appear.

Your computer may take several seconds to finish the ad-hoc connection once your Apple device attempts to connect to it. Make sure to wait for a popup on the computer that indicates the connection is ready.

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