Simple Software for a Simple Life!
Simple Software for a Simple Life!
FAQ: How do I change the pictures DockWare shows?

On a Windows Mobile device, just change the picture files in the \Program Files\Dockware folder on your Pocket PC. You can add any pictures in bitmap (.bmp) or jpeg (.jpg) format, and delete any of our…

FAQ: How do I get a trial version of DockWare Pro?

You can get a fully-functional 30-day trial version of DockWare Pro by visiting this page. Trial versions of DockWare Pro are available for Windows Mobile and Palm OS handheld users.

FAQ: How do I get rid of the "Ilium Software DockWare (Tap + Hold)" message?

This message is just part of 2 of the pictures included with your installation of DockWare. Just use Active Sync Explore on your Windows PC or File Explorer on your device to delete these pictures from…

FAQ: Where do I store my pictures?

On a Windows Mobile PDA using DockWare Free: Your pictures need to be stored in the \Program Files\DockWare folder on the PDA. On an iPAQ using the version of DockWare included with the device: Your pictures…