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Simple Software for a Simple Life!
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FAQ: Can I install ListPro to the storage card on my Windows Mobile device?

Yes, you can install ListPro to a storage card on your Windows Mobile device. Any data you want to synchronize must be in the My Documents folder in Main Memory. For Windows Mobile Pocket PC (touch screen):…

FAQ: Why is ListPro slow to copy and paste items in big lists?

ListPro's file format is designed such that adding an item causes all subsequent items to be moved over to make room. On a Windows Mobile 2003 or 2002 device, and on the desktop, doing this is generally…

HOWTO: How do I delete ListPro files, lists or items on my Pocket PC?

Just Tap+Hold your stylus on any list or item you want to delete or rename. Using Tap+Hold with most programs on your Pocket PC will show you what you can do with any of their objects.

HOWTO: How do I delete ListPro files, lists, or items on my Windows Mobile device?

If your Windows Mobile device has a touch screen: Delete a file, list, or item by tap+holding on its name; you will receive a context menu that lets you edit or delete whatever you tapped on. If your…

HOWTO: How do I synchronize ListPro with my Windows Mobile device?

ListPro uses File Synchronization (part of ActiveSync under Windows XP, or Windows Mobile Device Center under Vista) to synchronize its information. Make sure File Synchronization is turned on: In Windows…

INFO: Where do I find help for ListPro on my Pocket PC?

While using ListPro on your Pocket PC, just tap on Start, then Help. You can also download the documentation to your desktop PC if you don't already have it.