Simple Software for a Simple Life!
Simple Software for a Simple Life!
HOWTO: Adding and Remove Items on iOS

The following instructions explain how to add or remove items from your ListPro list on your iOS device. Adding Items To add an item to a list, simply open the list you wish to add an item to, and then…

HOWTO: Creating Lists on iOS

You can create two types of lists in ListPro: Portal lists and Custom lists. Portal Lists Portal lists are created in one of ListPro's Portals. Portals are a way to quickly and easily create a particular…

HOWTO: Getting Started with ListPro

About ListPro ListPro is a robust, list-making tool kit. You can easily make simple checklists, but the real power of ListPro is the ability to completely customize your lists. You can create unique lists…

HOWTO: How do I back up ListPro on my iOS device if I have a Mac desktop?

ListPro's data is stored only on your device, and backed up into the iTunes backup along with everything else on your device. If you are only using Mac OS X, you can still manually back up your data,…

HOWTO: Ordered Lists VS Unordered Lists on iOS

Lists in ListPro are categorized as Ordered or Unordered. To determine if you need an Ordered List or an Unordered List, ask this question: Does order matter? Is there some reason why Item A must always…

INFO: Documentation for ListPro

Looking for a ListPro tutorial? Check out our ListPro step-by-step tutorials and quick tour! ListPro Quick Tour ListPro Tutorials

INFO: ListPro for iPad

We don't have a version of ListPro specially designed for iPad at this time. However, ListPro will run in compatibility mode on an iPad if your iPad has iOS 8 or newer installed.

INFO: ListPro for Mac OSX

ListPro is not available for Mac OS at this time, but we may release a version for Mac in the future.

INFO: Portal Lists and Custom Lists

ListPro features two types of lists: Portal Lists and Custom Lists. Portal Lists ListPro offers Portals for the most commonly created list types, such as Shopping lists, To-Do lists, and simple Checklists.…

INFO: System requirements for ListPro for iPhone

ListPro for iPhone requires iOS 8.0 or above. ListPro for iPhone will not run on devices running earlier versions of iOS.