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Simple Software for a Simple Life!
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FAQ: How do I use the NewsBreak Homescreen plugin on my own custom screen?

Windows Mobile Smartphone devices have very customizable home screens, but there is no built-in utility to add or modify what you see on the home screen. There are two ways you go about customizing your…

FAQ: What do the different icons mean?

In the Channels window, the icons indicate: The headlines in the channel are up to date, as of the last time you synchronized the channel. The channel's headlines are in process of being updated. One…

FAQ: What feed or channel formats does NewsBreak support?

NewsBreak supports channels that are in these formats: RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and Atom. Formats compatible with these formats (RSS 0.9, 0.91, 0.92, for example) are also supported.

FAQ: What is RSS Hub? Is it the same as NewsBreak?

RSS Hub is a version of NewsBreak that has been customized per HTC's specifications for inclusion on their Windows Mobile devices. There are some minor differences between the interface for NewsBreak…

FAQ: Where is Ilium Software's News feed?

We're glad you asked! It's available here. We also have a company blog.

FAQ: Why don't images always show up in the summaries? Why don't images show up when I'm not connectd?

Images take up a lot more space on your Pocket PC or Smartphone than text. By showing you images only when your Windows Mobile device is connected, NewsBreak uses much less storage space for the summaries.…

FAQ: Why don't some of my headlines update?

There are a few reasons why an update might fail. The most likely reason is that the channel can't be opened by Pocket Internet Explorer. In that case, NewsBreak won't be able to access the website for…