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FAQ: How can I reconcile my checkbook using Keep Track?

The methods of reconciling your checkbook using Keep Track depend a lot on your personal preference but here are a couple ideas: Method a - Print out a statement: You can print a report of all transactions…

FAQ: How do I put in a check number?

Any transaction of type Check lets you choose a check number. Check numbers will be set to the previous check number recorded for that account, but you can always change them.

FAQ: How do transactions work?

Charge Transactions: The Charge transaction should add theount of the transaction to the outstanding balance, and subtract it from the available credit. For example, if your credit limit is $5000 and…

FAQ: What versions of Quicken do Keep Track 2.1's QIF files work with?

QIF files made with Keep Track 2.1 can be used any edition of Quicken 2002, Quicken 2003, or Quicken 2004. Newer versions of Quicken and QuickBooks no longer support QIF import and export.

FAQ: What's the difference between an account and a name?

Accounts remember a balance, where Names don't. Names are only there so that you don't need to keep entering them. For example, you'd want to see a balance for your Checking account or Visa card, so you…

FAQ: When does Keep Track save my data?

As soon as you leave the screen where you are entering data the information is saved. If the program is forced to close prior to your leaving this screen however, you could lose the data you just entered…

HOWTO: Move Keep Track Data to a New Windows Mobile Device

If you want to move your Keep Track information to a different machine, that is, to a new Pocket PC, Smartphone or Windows PC, follow the steps below. If you are not synchronizing your Keep Track information,…

HOWTO: Recover Transactions from a Backup File

If you have made a backup copy of your Keep Track data (.atf) file, and want to restore that file, do the following. If you are not synchronizing your Keep Track info between a Pocket PC or Smartphone…