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Purchase History and Apple's App Stores
Views: 2875 Created: 12-13-2021 11:33 Last Updated: 12-13-2021 11:33

From time to time, users will ask us to help them related to issues with Apple's App Stores. We're a bit limited as to what we can do but please read on for guidance.

Apple IDs

Apple is privacy focused and does not share user information with application developers. This includes  sales info — when you purchase an app from Apple, they do not share your information with us, not even your name. From a privacy point of view, this can be really good. The downside though is that application developers have no access to Apple's or your accounts and cannot make any changes or corrections there, only Apple can do that.

All that said, we want to help. Usually if your iPhone, iPad, or Mac is indicating that you no longer have access to an app, it's related to your Apple ID. Apple associates your purchase with the Apple ID you used when you purchased from their App Store; if you're now using a different ID, the purchase won't show up.

If moving to a different device or adding a device, you can compare the Apple ID to make sure they are the same everywhere. On iPhone and iPad, you can see the Apple ID / email address by tapping on the App Store app, then tapping your name/avatar — the top of the Account panel will show the Apple ID used by the App Store below your name. On Mac, you can see the Apple ID / email address by launching the App Store and going to the Store menu — the View My Account menu shows the Apple ID used by the App Store.

It's also important to know that you can change the email address associated with your Apple ID without creating a brand new ID, a new ID won't have your original purchase history. 

To check your purchase history, please see Apple's See your purchase history for the App Store, iTunes Store, and more document for instructions. If you're using the same Apple ID and can see your purchase in Apple's Purchase History, you should have no issues getting updates, verifying in-app purchases, etc.

If you need help with your Apple Account, please contact Apple Customer Support and use the Apple ID you used when making the purchase from Apple. (Of course if you purchased something directly from us rather than an app store, e.g, a Windows desktop app, please do Contact Us for help.)


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