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AVG can prevent eWallet from running properly
Views: 22301 Created: 08-07-2015 13:56 Last Updated: 08-24-2015 10:11

Suddenly experiencing a crash in eWallet when trying to edit a field within a card?

Some users (especially on Windows 7) have run into a problem where an AVG Technologies product (AVG AntiVirus 2105 or AVG Internet Security 2015) prevents eWallet and other applications from running properly, causing a crash (for example, when editing a field in eWallet). In some cases people have reported a crash in a Microsoft language pack file called lpk.dll. More information is available on AVG's support site.

To add an exception within the AVG software for eWallet, go to Options/Advanced and add an exception. Make sure the exception type is Application and then browse to (typically) C:\Program Files (x86)\Ilium Software\eWallet and select eWallet.exe.

Future updates from AVG should properly resolve this but if you are still experiencing trouble even after adding an exception, try temporarily disabling AVG and verify that eWallet then works properly. Of course, if updating or temporarily disabling your AVG software isn't working, please contact us.

  • Platform: Windows PC (desktop)