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Switching from Google Docs to Dropbox with eWallet GO!
Views: 16643 Created: 06-05-2015 14:28 Last Updated: 08-26-2016 13:11

It appears that in the May/June 2015 timeframe, Google made some incompatible changes that will prevent you from using Google Docs (or Google Drive) with the old eWallet GO! product. The solution is to simply switch GO to use Dropbox (or upgrade to full eWallet). How you switch GO to use Dropbox depends on where the latest version of your data is.

Latest information is on device/computer

This case is pretty easy — since the latest information is already on your device or computer, you'll simply want to change the service within GO to use Dropbox rather than Google Docs. Once you've done that, you should be able to backup your latest changes up to Dropbox (and then restore those changes down on any of your other devices/computers that are using GO). Once you've verified that everything is working, you can manually remove the eWalletGO.xwlt1 file from Google Docs if you'd like.

Latest information is on Google Docs

This situation involves a bit more work but is still quite doable. The overall idea is that will you download your backup file from Google Docs to a Mac or PC (in the right format), then place that file in the appropriate folder on Dropbox:

  1. Go to in your browser on your Mac or PC
  2. Find your backup file in Google docs called eWalletGO.xwlt1 and click on it to open it (you'll then see the "document" with what looks like a bunch of random characters)
  3. Click on File->Download As and select "Plain Text (.txt)"
  4. You'll now have a file downloaded to your PC called "eWalletGO.xwlt1.txt" — remove the ".txt" from that file name so the file is now called "eWalletGO.xwlt1"
  5. If you already have the Dropbox client installed on your PC or Mac, then simply (if you don't have the client installed, you can do this through the web interface as well at
    1. Create an eWalletGO folder under your Dropbox folder, if you don't already have one
    2. Move the eWalletGO.xwlt1 file from step 4 to this eWalletGO folder on Dropbox
  6. You should now be able to restore your file into GO from Dropbox rather than from Google Docs
  7. Once you've verified that everything is working, you can manually remove the eWalletGO.xwlt1 file from Google Docs if you'd like

Full eWallet

The full eWallet product and the GO product are completely separate applications with different feature sets. See this feature comparison article for some of the differences between the two products. eWallet is available for Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch), Windows PC (desktop) and Mac OS X. The latest versions of eWallet on these platforms are able to import data from GO so you can have you same information in eWallet going forward. (Please note we do not currently have a version of full eWallet for Windows Phone.)

  • Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, Windows Phone 7, macOS, Windows PC (desktop)