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Invalid password on Android
Views: 16899 Created: 11-25-2014 15:30 Last Updated: 03-17-2015 13:48

Are you suddenly getting an "invalid password" message with eWallet® on your Android device? 

It may be due to one of a number of "cleaner" products, such as Clean Master, that delete or remove the contents of other application's files. Use of products like this is not recommended.

To recover from a file that has been deleted or corrupted by one of these cleaner apps, you have a couple of options:

  1. Restore a good copy of the wallet file from whatever backup software you use to backup your Android device
  2. If you sync with the PC version of eWallet:
    1. rename the damaged wallet on your Android device
    2. make sure you're running the latest version of eWallet on your PC
    3. sync a new copy of the good wallet over from your PC
eWallet 8 should be protected from these "cleaners" since the main wallets are stored in internal protected memory, but the backups are still susceptible to deletion if the "cleaners" are not configured and used very carefully.

  • Platform: Android