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INFO: eWallet GO! Synchronization
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eWallet GO! sync keeps your data securely backed up and in sync between your supported devices. 

Supported Platforms

Synchronization is currently available for the following platforms:

  • Apple iPhone and iPod touch (eWallet GO! version 1.1 build 27)
  • Windows PC (eWallet GO! version

You can use versions of eWallet GO! that sync automatically (Windows PC, iPhone) with versions that do not (Mac, Windows Phone 7, Android). You will have to manually backup and restore the data on your file storage service with the versions that do not sync. See here for how to manually backup and restore on Mac, Windows Phone 7, and Android:

eWallet GO! Manual Backup and Restore 

File Storage

eWallet GO! synchronization works by automatically backing up and restoring your data to supported online file storage services. See here for the 'cloud' file storage services that eWallet GO! supports:

eWallet GO! File Storage Services 

eWallet GO! cannot synchronize via USB, Bluetooth, or local Wi-Fi connections. 

When Does eWallet GO! Sync?

eWallet GO! synchronizes automatically whenever:

  • You make any changes to your wallet information (such as adding, deleting, and editing cards or categories)
  • You change your wallet password
  • You open the program and unlock your wallet file
  • You perform a manual sync from the Sync Manager

eWallet GO! can only synchronize when your device or computer has an active internet connection. If you change something in your wallet when you are not connected to the internet, eWallet GO! will synchronize the next time you open your wallet and your device or computer has an internet connection.

eWallet GO! cannot start synchronizing when the application is not open on your device or computer.

Sync Conflicts

If you make changes on a device or computer, and you have also synced changes to your file storage service from another device or computer, eWallet GO! will prompt you to choose whether you want to keep the data that is on your device, or the data in your file storage service.

eWallet GO! transfers your entire wallet as one piece, so you cannot merge the two sides together.

eWallet GO! synchronization is designed to work best on devices that are always connected to the internet, since it attempts to download the most recent changes when you open your wallet, and uploads your data as you change it. If you use eWallet GO! on devices that do not always have a network connection, make sure you synchronize those devices once you are reconnected to the internet before making further changes.

  • Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Windows PC (desktop)