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Simple Software for a Simple Life!
HOWTO: Calculated Columns
Views: 18794 Created: 09-15-2010 05:51 Last Updated: 08-30-2011 15:10

ListPro lets you auto-fill a number column using a calculation. A calculation uses either:

  • Two other number or date columns
  • One other number or date column and a constant

 With a calculated column you can do things like calculate and display elapsed time on the job, the total cost of an item after determining the number of units, or the profit on something you bought in the past and sold today. With a calculation, ListPro does the math and displays the result in the calculated column.

Creating a Calculated Column

The easiest way to understand calculated columns is to dig and and try making one. Follow these steps:

  1.  Open the list you would like to work with.
    1.  You can only add columns to custom lists, not portal lists.
  2.  Touch the List button in the control bar.
  3.  Touch the Columns button in the List group of the control bar.
  4.  Touch Add Column.
  5.  Touch Number for the column type.
  6.  Name the column Col 1.
    1.  You can normally use any name you like for the title but this name will help for the explanation.
  7.  Touch the Save button.
  8.  Touch Add Column.
  9.  Touch Number for the column type.
  10.  Name the column Col 2.
  11.  Touch the Save button.
  12.  Touch Add Column.
  13.  Touch Number for the column type.
  14.  Name the column Calc.
  15.  Touch Calculation.
  16.  Select A + B in the picker.
  17.  Touch A =
  18.  Select Col 1 in the picker.
  19.  Touch B =
  20.  Select Col 2 in the picker.
  21.  Touch the Save button.