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Simple Software for a Simple Life!
HOWTO: Creating Custom Lists
Views: 19031 Created: 09-15-2010 05:11 Last Updated: 08-30-2011 15:09

Custom lists leverage the full power of ListPro, giving you access to all of ListPro'sazing list-making tools.

Follow these steps to create a new custom list.

  1.  Touch the Home view, touch Custom Lists.
  2.  Touch the ListPro file you want to create the list in.
  3.  Touch the plus button.
  4.  Touch the Add List button.
  5.  Touch the template you want to use for this list.
  6.  Touch the Create List button.
  7.  Enter a name for the list.
  8.  Touch the Create the List button.
You don't need to set everything up when you first create a custom list. You can always go back and add more columns, change column names, adjust the list settings, or further customize the list later.