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ERROR: "No Android Devices Detected" or "No USB drives were found that have been initialized by Android eWallet"
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If your Android device supports USB Mass Storage mode (NOT MTP/PTP), you can use USB sync between the Android and Windows PC. 

(For Android OS 4.0 and newer devices, use Wi-Fi sync:   click here )

eWallet's Android USB sync requires that your Android device be connected to your computer in USB Mass Storage mode. This may be done differently on every Android device, so there is no one single answer for how to turn it on. The best place to find out how to turn on USB Mass Storage is in your phone's documentation or at the manufacturer's website. However, the information below may help you find the setting on your phone.

Your phone:

    May have an option in Settings -> 'Applications' or 'About phone' -> USB Settings
    May have simply an option in the Notifications that reads "USB Connected", and then a "Connect" or "Mount" button
    May prompt you when you connect as to which mode to use
    May have an option in the Notifications that reads "USB Connected", and then a list of connection types
    May prompt you for the USB connection mode, and also require that you go to the "USB Connected" item in Notifications and choose "Connect" or "Mount"
    May call USB Mass Storage "Disk Drive" or "Disk Mode".

The Notifications screen is accessible by tapping the status bar at the top of the phone display (where you see the time of day, wireless strength, email notification icons) and dragging it downwards. You can also go to the home screen on your phone, press the "Menu" button, and then press "Notifications".

The eWallet app must NOT BE RUNNING on the Android device when connected to the PC via USB.

  ==> eWallet for Android (7.3) now offers USB and Wi-Fi sync with the Windows PC eWallet (7.4) <==

*** If your Android device uses MTP/PTP for USB connection, you can use the new Wi-Fi sync for Android eWallet:

  Wi-Fi Instructions here

  • Platform: Android, Windows PC (desktop)