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Simple Software for a Simple Life!
ERROR: "An error occurred while asking the Apple device to provide the authorization code necessary to set up a synchronization partnership"
Views: 29691 Created: 10-08-2008 03:56 Last Updated: 02-17-2017 11:41

This error means that eWallet on your PC is unable to connect to eWallet on your iPhone to synchronize. The most common causes are:

  • Verify that you have the latest version of eWallet on all of your devices 
  • An active VPN connection on your desktop PC
  • Multiple connected networks on your PC, i.e a cable connection to a wi-fi router as well as a wireless connection, or a cable connection to one network and a wireless connection to your wi-fi network.
  • A firewall - or other network security software - that tries to block programs on your computer from making outgoing connections. Make sure network security software has an exception to allow eWallet to communicate on all ports.
  • A firewall - or "wireless isolation" or "AP isolation" setting - on your wi-fi router
  • A temporary problem with your Apple device or your wifi router. Try rebooting both of them (turn them off and back on).




  • Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, macOS, Windows PC (desktop)